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About Walking Football

Health benefits of walking soccer

Walking football offers a multitude of health benefits for older people such as reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke while improving blood pressure. Positive changes in maintaining balance, blood pressure and resting heart rate, lowering cholesterol, improving blood sugar levels, bone density and improving reactions, while reducing the chances of suffering from type 2 diabetes - all of these are indicators of general health.

Walking football is a new version of football that allows a team sport for seniors. Walking football differs from football in several aspects:

  • Running with or without a ball is prohibited

  • It is forbidden to crash from behind

  •   It is forbidden to kick a ball above head height, do not hit

  • Court length up to 50 m, gate width up to 5 m

  • Number of participants in the group - up to 57

  • Do not enter the gate area - only the gatekeeper is allowed

  • Every penalty kick is indirect

  • There is no difference

Full details of the Hebrew constitution

Walking football started in England in 2011, and today there are walking football leagues in the UK in different age categories (50+, 60+, 70+, 80+) and over 60,000 active players in all districts of the kingdom.

Walking football leagues and teams also exist in Ireland, Belgium, Sweden, Portugal, Australia, and Hong Kong, and the sport is proliferating worldwide

The success of walking soccer is because it allows participants to return to playing soccer, be part of a team, make friends, and be involved in a new and positive movement. Walking football players can play regularly, up to 80 and above.

Principles of walking football

Group and friends

A healthy soul in a healthy body

Everyone is playing

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Team sports create friendships and connections between the participants beyond the games themselves. Come and make new friends!

to live a happy and fulfilled life,

You should also engage in physical activity.

Age, physical condition, and soccer experience do not change - walking football is for everyone!

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