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Tournament No. 3 - Petach Tikva

28.10.2022 - International Walking Day

A walking football tournament was held at the Moshav Stadium in Petach Tikva on the occasion of International Walking Day. The event was held in the presence of Petach Tikva Mayor Rami Greenberg and in cooperation with the Football Association, the Ministry of Culture and Sports and Maccabi Israel. 7 teams played in a league system. The table was interesting.
I would like to delve into the team of stars walking in Herzliya, the team lost its six games, did not score a field goal, but every game they played was close and the teams had a hard time against them. Undoubtedly with sharpness near the goal for the teams it will be very difficult against them.
Benny's Raanana is simply a special team, Benny is always smiling, his players too, they come to play with full motivation and the results for them is a bonus.
Kiryat Bialik managed to get to the top of the table, the most balanced team in the tournament with 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. The team is on a crazy improvement trend. Undoubtedly the training is beneficial. Inhale!
We will continue to the Amichai Petach Tikva team, it is the champion of the draw results with 3 draw results, 2 wins and a loss.
This is the team's first tournament. Welcome.
Ramat Gan HaMakhtesh presented as expected a good level tournament with a great coach on the lines. The group arrived with a new set in black.
Now we come to the surprising team of the tournament, a team going from Rishon Lezion. The team led by Ilan manage to understand the game, which helped them to deal equally with everyone.
Games are played and at the end of the tournament, the local team Malabes Old Boys wins the third tournament in its history after a convincing ability on the field.
Well done to everyone for a perfect tournament. Inhale!!

(The text fromThe website of the state of football - the international walking day tournament)

Photos: Oded Karni - the Football Association

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